I’ve been using Alastin for about two full months now and the changes are incredible! I have a very dry t-zone and oily jawline. Using Alastin has really helped me to manage my acne prone skin, and the dryness that is always exaggerated during winter months. Dr. Moore was so understanding about the insecurities I was having about my skin, and recommended to start me on a simple and gentle routine. It’s easy to maintain, the products are fragrance free, and my favorite part is the glow that’s created with the routine.


I’m so excited about this being offered here at Snoqualmie! The space is super relaxing and Dr. Moore took time to understand what my goals are with skin care.


I know this is a new service for SVH, but between walking in to the beautiful new space and being attended to in what seemed like complete luxury by Dr. Moore, I would have thought the medical aesthetics practice was in operation for many years. What a great experience!

Trina M.

As a regular patient to medical aesthetics, I was excited to hear SVH was joining the competitive market. Dr. Moore is a natural artist and so gentle. Her ability to look at the whole face and take my areas of concern into account was enough reason for me to return. I love my cosmetic results and would highly recommend her to newbies and seasoned patients.

Crystal W.

Bellevue-style MedSpa services right here on Snoqualmie Ridge! From tea and cookies to high-end product samples and brand-new furnishing and equipment, Dr. Moore’s care came wrapped in a luxe setting just blocks from home. Keep your aesthetics dollars in here in the Valley, you won’t be disappointed.

Jen. C

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