Who We Are

Snoqualmie Valley Med Aesthetics and Wellness combines the best of primary care and skin care. Our medical aesthetics program is fully integrated into primary care at Snoqualmie Valley Health. This provides a seamless transition for your care whether you are seeing one of our exceptional primary care providers or Dr. Moore for medical aesthetics services.

What we offer

Snoqualmie Med Aesthetics and Wellness provides a whole person approach to aesthetic treatments. When you look great, you feel great. 

Our primary care teams are here for all of your healthcare needs. Medical aesthetics procedures treat many chronic conditions like TMJ, acne scarring and migraines. At your initial consultation, Dr. Moore will discuss your health care goals and ensure you see the provider who can best meet your needs.

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What We Do

Snoqualmie Valley Health isn’t just a hospital. It is a team of professionals who understand that wellness is an individual state of being. Dr. Moore’s approach is focused not on what is trending, but rather on how a patient is feeling and how medical aesthetics can help a patient achieve wellness as either the first step in their journey, or a latter step in their care.

Why you want to seek medical aesthetics is just as important as how you look and feel at the end of the treatment. With primary care providers on the team, patients are offered additional care if needed.

As a non-profit public hospital district, SVH is dedicating a portion of the proceeds from Snoqualmie Med Aesthetics and Wellness to its Charity Care program. It’s another way SVH provides care in the community and ensures medical care is accessible by all.

Our practice uses the highest standards for cleanliness and patient care.

Our Care Team

Photo of Brooke Music, RN, BSN

Medical Aesthetic Injector

Brooke is more than an aesthetic nurse injector; she is a dedicated professional whose career is characterized by the seamless fusion of aesthetics and nursing…

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Medical Aesthetics Provider

Dr. Moore joined Snoqualmie Valley Health in 2021 as the organization’s Vice President of Strategic Growth and Transformation. With 25 years in the healthcare industry…

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Clinic Operations Manager

William Pand serves as the Clinic Operations Manager at the Snoqualmie Valley Health Clinics, bringing with him a wealth of experience in healthcare administration and…

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Whole Person Wellness. Whole Community Care.

Snoqualmie Med Aesthetics and Wellness

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Medical Aesthetics mean?

Medical aesthetics is a type of medical practice that includes non-surgical treatments and services that focus on improving a patient’s cosmetic appearance. For patients who want to treat wrinkles, hyperpigmentation or “sun spots,” skin laxity, acne, scarring, inflammation and loose or sagging skin, aesthetics services offer a safe and effective method for treatment. Medical aesthetics practitioners have received specialized training with a focus on facial anatomy and vasculature, or blood supply. In some cases, a patient will not be eligible for medical aesthetics services as SVH and so a referral to dermatology or plastic surgery can be provided.

What services will you be offering?

SVH practitioners will offer a suite of services centering on medical aesthetics and wellness. As an extension of our Primary Care services, SVH believes this complements the experience and practice of our medical staff to support whole-person wellness such as weight loss and hormone management. In addition, our medical aesthetics program will offer neurotoxin or cosmetic Botox® for treatment of fine lines and wrinkles as well as therapeutic use of Botox® for migraine headaches for patients who qualify. Dermal fillers are offered as part of facial rejuvenation which may enhance the fullness of cheeks, under-eyes, jawline and lips. Microneedling services work to enhance collagen production in the surface of the skin and neck and are effective for use with acne scarring to diminish the appearance of affected areas. Chemical peels are used to treat acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles as well as hyperpigmentation or darkening of the skin due to hormonal changes and UV damage. Collagen induction therapy with PRP, or Plasma-rich-protein, injections uses a patient’s own blood cells to stimulate collagen production and may aid healing in different areas of the body. SVH carries an exclusive medical grade skin care line with free consultation to determine what you may benefit from. IV infusion therapy with vitamin supplementation and weight loss injections are included in our services and our practitioners can review your concerns and determine the most appropriate treatment plan.

Can anyone receive services?

Medical aesthetics services are available for patients 13 years of age and older. The best way to know what you are eligible for is to schedule an initial facial aesthetics consultation to outline your goals with your practitioner. In some cases, a referral to dermatology or plastic surgery may be recommended.

Is Medical Aesthetics appropriate for men?

Medical aesthetics services are open all genders. Goals around cosmetic appearance are different for everyone and our practitioners can discuss with you what services may help you meet those goals.

What’s the downtime to be expected?

Downtime refers to the time immediately following treatment, and depends on the service that you receive. Your practitioner will review the procedure that you may be eligible for, along with what to expect, any downtime or side effects, and what activities may promote or delay healing.

How do I schedule?

You can schedule online through our Jane aesthetics link right here on the Med Aesthetics website. You can always email Dr. Moore directly to find a time for your consultation at tammym@snoqualmiehospital.org.

What kind of skincare options are there?

As part of your initial facial aesthetics consultation, your practitioner will want to learn your medical history and medications, as well as habits such as smoking, drinking, sun exposure and exercise. SVH carries Alastin Skincare, an exclusive brand of skin care that is medical grade and when used in combination with medical aesthetics services may accelerate skin care goals.